Monday, July 5, 2010

I dreamt last night.....

I was on this farm talking with Ellen Degeneres and Porsha. They were showing me around. Horses were being saddled for some young ladies. I asked them if they had any donkeys. No, was the answer, so I started to discribe how cute they are. Especially the mini donkeys. We all walked from the barn area and came upon a very large westeria plant growing up and intertwining the branches of a large tree. How beautiful it was! The conversation flowed into talking about henna art. How positive experiences through henna art brought smiles and joy to cancer patients. It was a relaxing very peaceful dream. I felt I was with friends and enjoyed myself very much.
I have been thinking about trying to go see the Ellen Show. I know thats why I had the dream. I think I shall look into it. :)

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