Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Welcome to the Henna Art Quilt Blog

What is this about?
There are some incredible Henna Artists out there! As allot of you know, Wendy Rover gave me three Henna Crowns when I was doing chemo for breast cancer. I started to look into the wonderful world of henna. Amazing!!!
Its a whole world unto itself filled with joy, empowerment, ancient history, sense of community, artistic expression and positive energy. And then some!
What struck me the most is every henna artist has their unique flare. Yes, you have your basic designs which there are alot of. However its HOW you put them together with other influences. That's what makes art! And I am in awe of these artists.
I have been on a mission telling everyone that will listen what a incredible experience of empowerment I had wearing my henna crowns. I by no means am the only one that has thought of getting a henna crown while battling cancer. There is something to this. Its just not common knowledge.
OK, this is when the idea of THE HENNA ART QUILT was born. Awareness, awareness of henna art as a means of empowerment battling breast cancer. Awareness of Henna artists AS artists. Awareness of the positive energy Henna Art is connected to. Awareness of Breast Cancer and its early detection. For all cancers for that matter.
What I am asking for................................Every Henna Artist is Invited!
(1)Each Henna Artist do your thing on a piece of 16 x 16 inch fabric. Give your art work a 2 inch border. So your work space on the fabric is 12 X 12 inches. You choose what fabric you want. Silk, rayon and wool take dyes the best. If you are painting your henna design any fabric will do. Combine the two if you like.
(2) You can use henna on the fabric. You can paint a henna design on fabric. You can use a solid color background fabric or use something that has like a watercolor background.
(3) If you want to use embellishments......feel free.
Its up to you.....be creative! Show off your skills! And please SIGN your artwork!
(4)I would like each artist to write a small bio with their contact info. As the panels come in I will take a picture and post it here with the bio's and contact info. I want you to INSPIRE each other!
(5)When you are ready to send your panels e-mail me at lyndune2@yahoo.com and I will e-mail you my home address.
DEADLINE.....March 30th At the end of March the Quilt/Quilts will start to be made. I will not be making the quilts by myself. I will have help. I will let you know more about that later.
The quilt/quilts will hang in a gallery here in Portland Oregon where they will be auctioned off to raise monies for special projects through The American Cancer Society for women who are battling Breast Cancer.

I am excited!!! I hope you are too!!

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